As architects, we admittedly conform to something of the accepted typology in that we do love our honest, simple materials. Wood, steel, brick & concrete are common denominators within our work.  The difference though is that with our interior design work we are dedicated to sourcing salvaged materials and researching ways with our collaborators to re-purpose and re-condition them. For example during a sourcing exercise we found a 10 year old stack of pre-used mahogany in a storage unit in deepest Kent.  We had to find a way to strip back the years of decay and mould to find the raw beauty of the material at the heart of each plank without destroying the wood. At the end of the day this came down to a lot of painstaking man hours, drying, scraping, planing and sanding, It took about as long to convince both joiner and client that it would be worth it as it did to actually do it.  It was definitely worth it. Each material within our projects has its own story, that story is then built into and aligned with the overall narrative of the brand. There are of course new materials, we carefully consider how to curate the arrangement of the these against the salvaged material to celebrate them both. We estimate that at least 50% of finishing materials in every project is up cycled.