9th July 2018

Young blood in the office

On the 2nd July we were joined in the office for a full week’s work experience by young Eloise, fresh from sitting mock G.C.S.E exams and with a thirst for learning more about Interior Architecture.

Taken under the wing of our resident Interior Architecture Assistant, Julie Tysserie, Ellie was given tasks to test her visual and penmanship abilities.  With our impending 10th anniversary party, Ellie contributed to creating a map of Brighton with a number of chalk projects located on it.  Her attention to detail and skill at understanding line weights in her sketches was really special for someone of her age.

We’ve no doubt she’ll go on to do great things.

We received a lovely thank you email:

“Hi Paul,
Just want to say thank you having me for work experience i really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I was wondering what are the best qualifications to get to become an interior architect.
I hope the map turned out well and congrats on 10 years.
Thanks again to you and everybody I worked, they were all very welcoming.