11th October 2018

Rampion Windfarm

Some of the Chalk team took the water on Tuesday 9th October along with staff from CDMS Architects to visit the spectacular Rampion Wind Farm.  Sitting between 13-20km off the South Coast, there are over 160 wind turbines gracefully turning (although sadly not during our visit) and generating power to be fed back into the national grid.

From the top of Wilson Avenue looking down towards the marina and beyond, the turbines appear as delicate toothpicks dotted in the sea.  Named after a rare Sussex flower, the Rampion Wind Farm began construction back in June 2015 with the first wind turbine lifted into place in March 2017 and started generated power in November that year with a view of having the capacity to generate enough power to run approx. 350,000 homes.

The build funded by EON and the Green Investment Bank has to date has cost approx. £1.3 billion, and the tour guide informed us that they’re just about breaking even!