20th June 2019


A career in Architecture is much more of a passion than a job, so when Interior Architecture Assistant Julie Tysseire chose to holiday in Cuba last month, she couldn’t help but pull from the architectural inspiration it presented and capture it in her own style.

“I came back from a trip to Cuba with an extended collection of colours, textures and patterns to add to my ‘inspiration’ folder.

To give a quick insight, Havana architecture displays a huge influence from the Spanish occupation, this colonial architecture is full of Mediterranean colours and materials. Most of the buildings follow the same pattern, facades with very big windows and beautiful courtyards with fountains that can be found at the centre where you would find the residents cooling down under the shade of the tropical greenery surrounding. Dreamy!

Unfortunately, due to the actual economy, locals are struggling to look after these very old properties leaving them in big need of refurbishment and very often use their extreme DIY skills to sort out the essentials of their home.

 Luckily for us tourists, this combination of old and crafty solutions results into an inspirational palette of colours and textures unique to the country and making ruins more photogenic than ever.

 From this, I’ve created a couple of illustrations that pull out the soul of Havana’s architecture. They highlights how Havana can be identified through just its unique combinations of colours.”